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Membership application requires completion of these 2 forms:

1.    2016 Application for Club Membership
2.    Member Protection Declaration

   - See Membership for 2016 membership fees and bank account.

Member's Handbook
Model Rules
FPC General Club Rules

Rally Day Attire
Rally days are no longer held on a Thursday but more so at regular intervals.
Arrival time is from 4:00 pm to help set up followed by the required gear check at 4:30 sharp; finish time is 6:00 pm.
Additional Rally Days may be held during the day on some Sundays - you will be notified of these via email and on the Club's notice board.
It is imperative that riders/parents/carer's respect the Instructor's instructions - just as sportspeople are not to argue with the referee, it is also not appropriate for Rally Day participants to argue with, be dismissive of or disrespectful towards the instructor. Please be mindful that Code of Conduct applies to all members (including reciprocal respectful behaviour from the Instructor to participants and their parents/carers).
Please familarise yourself with the 'Rally Day Attire' information which includes information about clothing, tack and gear.
Rally Days are for Club members only. There is no charge as the Instructor/s are volunteering their time and the activities are covered by your PCAQ insurance (paid as part of your annual membership). Scheduling of these days may change as it is subject to the Instructor's availability. Where possible, you will be informed of known cancellations by email and of last-minute cancellations by text/SMS - so it is in your best interest to notify us of any changes to your contact details via the admin email on the Contact Us page.

Sunsafe Policy

Freshwater Pony Club Uniform

Agistment Rules
Emergency Agistment Terms
Agistment Application

Zone 18 Calendar  (Zone 18 website Events Calendar)

Horse Riding & Road Safety in Australia (2.8MB pdf)
  from   HorseSA

Moving horses - Waybills  (DPI information)

Application to register a horse
Application to register a pony/galloway

Rider Profile Form (doc)

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